If you're a marketer, you already know how hard it can be to scale tedious tasks and complex marketing workflows. In this free eBook, learn how automation can streamline processes, minimize recurring tasks, and increase ROI across your entire marketing team.

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What you'll learn

Do more with less time

Learn how to automate recurring tasks and scale your marketing—so you can join the marketers saving an average of 25 hours per week with Zapier.

Discover how automation can streamline communication, collaboration, and project handoffs, so you can work more efficiently both within your team and with others.

Collaborate efficiently

Invest in what matters

See how automation can help you find more time for what matters most—and how the average Zapier for Companies customer saves over $70,000 in time per year.

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Learn how to automate time-consuming tasks across your marketing department.


Automate your marketing

“Zapier plays an integral role in our customer journey, from top of funnel awareness all the way to upsell and churn prevention. There's very little that Zapier doesn't do. Without Zapier, we'd have to hire way more to keep up with our growth.”

Tom Maxwell

Head of Customer Experience, Practice Ignition

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This eBook lays out everything you need to know about maximizing your marketing ROI with automation. We'll show you how to: