Not sure how to automate the repetitive work you do every day? Install the Zapier Chrome extension and we'll show you.

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Open the Extensions menu in the top right corner of your browser and pin the Zapier extension, so it’s easy to access.

Don't forget to pin the extension

Below are some popular templates to get you started. Choose one that you'd like to try and we’ll guide you through setting it up!

Popular workflows

Save time by automating your work

Add URL to a Google Sheet

Chrome Extension + Slack

Save URL as card on Trello

 Chrome Extension + Trello

Share URL via DM on Slack

 Chrome Extension + Slack

Shorten URL

 Chrome Extension + URL Shorten

Share URL via Email 

 Chrome Extension + Email

Send yourself an SMS

 Chrome Extension + SMS

Create shortcuts, aka Zaps, to change your Slack status, save URLs to Google Sheets, share articles with colleagues, and much more. Then run those shortcuts right from the Chrome extension!

Save time by making shortcuts for the tasks you do every day

How the Zapier Chrome extension works

Work is a team sport. Share those time-saving shortcuts with your colleagues to help everyone stay consistent and up-to-date.

Create automations for yourself and your team

Whether you need data from Google Sheets, Salesforce, or anywhere else, use the "Reply to Chrome" action to display it in the Chrome extension without having to switch tabs.

Display the information you need from any app

Go to any website you use at work, then open the extension and view "Suggestions" to see popular ways to automate your work.

Not sure where to start? See Suggestions for ways to save time

Add to Chrome

Install the extension and check out the "Suggestions" for ways you can save time at work.

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